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Market's accreditation request

The Industry accreditation allows you to participate to all events of the Social World Film Festival and Young Film Market!
The Industry accreditation for the ninth edition of the Social World Film Festival (27th July-4th August 2019, Vico Equense) is reserved to experts of the international film and audiovisual sector that fall into the following categories: Distributors, Exhibitors, Producers, Directors and Scriptwriters, Authors, Experts of Cinema in any department, National and Regional Institution for the promotion, marketing and/or sale of audiovisual products, professional Institution, aid funds to audiovisual/funders, Film Commission, Festival/Markets, Agencies and law Offices, festival and film exhibitions, technical industries, Institutions, Editors.

The accreditation, totally FREE, guarantees the entry to all activities of the ninth edition of the Social World Film Festival and to the conferences, meetings and activities dedicated to the Young Film Market and especially to the following spaces:
- Cinema Club: place dedicated to meetings among authors, producers and distributors;
- Video Library: vision of the entered titles of the Film Festival, included the Market Selection;
- Meeting Area: spaces that show the cinema news, meeting place and areas dedicated to conferences and to meetings.

You can require the accreditation by filling out the electronic form.

The accreditation allows you the entry to the "Sala Industry Bertolucci", to all events of the festival program in private area (where expected) of the Social World Film Festival and of the Young Film Market (according to the programme) included the conferences and the cine-aperitif, except clear statement in the programme.

The request doesn't guarantee the release of the accreditation. The result will be communicated through the mail from the Market office for the release of the accreditation.
Accreditations are given, only for the judgement of the Market Office, in limited numbers, they are free and it Is possible to require them within 14:00 of Thursday 25th July 2019.
The festival doesn't guarantee the release of the accreditation after this date.

The Market Office can remove the accreditation also during the festival if there won't be belonging to the expected category or if there will be groundlessness of information during the registration.

For more informations Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

- Please fill out all required spaces (*)
. Please wait for loading (especially if the file in the annex is large) before restarting or turning off the window of the browser
- At the end of the form you have to click "SEND ACCREDITATION REQUEST" and after waiting for the page of "FORM SENT", followed by an mail to the indicated mail in the first page to confirm the correct receipt from the festival
- If there isn't the page of "FORM SENT", sure there Is an error during the compilation of the form and so you have to review the form, errors are marked in red by the system
- If there is the page "FORM SENT" but you don't receive the mail maybe It went to spam of the mailbox or you made mistakes during the compilation and so you have to contact the assistance of the festival.

Professional data
Select your main role
The file should not exceed 3 MB. (If the file is larger than 2 MB, the upload may take a few minutes, wait for it to complete before restarting or closing the browser window).
Company data
URL need to start with http:// or https://
the publication of my data in the Industry List at the Market
1) that above mentioned personal data corresponds to reality; 2) that I am aware that during the realization of the Market and the Social World Film Festival are realized photographic and journalistic services and therefore I authorize the performance of the above services that may also concern my person and image, without requiring any form of redemption; 3) to raise the organization (Italian Film Factory APS), all the organizers and collaborators from any direct and indirect, objective and subjective responsibility, as much as it may happen to their person and equipment during the course of their activities.
in accordance with Art. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196 dated 30.06.2003 (Italian Law) and GDPR 2016/679 (European Law), which covers personal data protection provisions, to the processing of the personal data with the aid of computerised and/or paper means exclusively for the participation to Social World Film Festival.

Il Social World Film Festival, mostra internazionale del cinema sociale, nasce nel 2011 da un’idea del pluripremiato regista e produttore Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo. Oltre che festival cinematografico, può essere considerato come momento di critica e aggregazione culturale e sociale attraverso la settima arte.

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La Mostra è attiva 200 giorni l’anno producendo progetti speciali per Istituzioni, Enti, Scuole e Aziende, corsi di formazione cinematografica con il marchio Università del Cinema in 5 sedi di 3 regioni italiane, lezioni e collaborazioni con il Master di Cinema e tv dell’Università Suor Orsola Benincasa di Napoli.

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