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What to visit here

Vico Equense is a City with many tourist and cultural opportunities.
The main attractions of the area are listed below. 


Museum of motion pictures and the territory of the Sorrento Peninsula: two halls of the Town Hall of Vico Equense collect documents, photographic memories, videos of the films shot in these wonderful places, thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding between the mayors of the area, from Castellammare di Stabia to Massa Lubrense. 
Further information is available on site www.museocinema.com


The Mineralogical Museum of Vico Equense is located in Via San Ciro No. 2. It was established in 1992 by the Fondazione Discepolo. In the Museum is housed the largest collection of minerals that has 3500 specimens from around the world and collected by Mr. Pasquale Discepoli. Since 1997, he opened the paleontological section where are on display dinosaur fossils (eggs, claws, teeth) and splendid examples of notosauro and mesosauro.
Further information is available on site www.museomineralogicocampano.it 


The Museum Antique Silio Italico, site in Filangieri Course at the Municipal Building, houses in three halls some 200 exhibits of various civilizations (Greek, Etruscan and Italic), testimony of the urban settlement between the seventh and third centuries BC.
Are exposition ceramics, buccheri and Etruscan bronzes, vases and cups Ionic and Corinthian vases, jewelry and weapons. The modern construction through educational panels also reconstructs the events of Necropolis, where at various stages since 1965 have been found about 200 graves. 


The sulfur water (salt - bromine - iodine) of Scrajo has many properties that allow use in all forms of thermal therapy. The action is more characteristic of the anti-inflammatory that is used in all of chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin, respiratory and female genital apparatus. 


The “Wall of Fame” is a wall realized in the centre of Vico Equense, in Piazza Kennedy, inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It collects the autographs of the important Italian and international cinema personalities who are guests of the editions of Social World Film Festival. Obviously the first autograph installed has been Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s one, impressed by the Patroness of the third edition on a clay plate and copied on bronze. In the next years and future editions of the Festival, more and more autograph will follow. The wall also includes a ceramic plate 3 metres large and 30 centimetres high. 
Further information is available on site www.monumentocinema.com


Antonio Asturi was a self-taught painter, he devoted himself to art from early childhood, was engaged in numerous exhibitions, especially in Rome, Milan, Trento and Naples. The serious difficulties of the family have never allowed him to attend high schools, but he cultivated his passion for painting by any means, using any material to represent what struck his sight. It was Count Girolamo Giusso, walking through the streets of Vico Equense, who noticed him portraying landscapes with great skill and providing him with his first box of colors, helping him with his needs. The Antonio Asturi Open Museum represents the node refers to the whole territory. The Museum contents are not limited to the exhibition, but refer to the infinite patrimony of art, culture, beauty and flavors scattered a little everywhere.


The church of the Santissima Annunziata was the cathedral of the diocese of Vico Equense until 1818 when it was suppressed: built at the beginning of the 14th century on a rocky ridge overlooking the sea. Inside, it is one of the very rare examples of Gothic architecture of the Sorrento coast while the façade is in Baracco style, rebuilt in the XVIII century.
The interior is divided into three naves and preserves paintings by Giuseppe Bonito, Jacopo Cestaro and Francesco Palumbo and the funerary urn of Gaetano Filangieri.


In the heart of the city center of Vico Equense, on tuffaceous headland overlooking the Sorrento Peninsula, stands the majestic and elegant castle of Charles II of Anjou.

The Social World Film Festival was born in 2011 from an idea of award-winning director and producer Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo. Not only a film festival, but it is also considered like a critical, social and cultural aggregation moment throuth seventh art.

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The Festival works 200 days a year producing special projects for institutions, schools and companies, film training courses with the University of Cinema brand in 5 locations in 3 Italian regions, lectures and collaborations with the Master of Cinema and TV of the Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples.

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