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The history

The Social Cinema takes place in the History of Cinema in a period which goes from 1934 to 1947, when in United States there was an intensive proliferation of movies with a social theme, due to the economical crisis that affected the U.S. at that time.
After going to war, United States lived a period of great economical growth in the war industry and so Social Cinema was abandoned for a few years and only reconsidered after the World War. The years passed and there was less interest in discussing social problems and analyzing reality. Luckily the recent technological growth and the consequent enormous reduction of the costs of production, thanks also to the arrival of digital, have brought to a real birth of short films, documentaries and full length films which denounce and reflect on different social themes and which are born for the need of telling events and situations that TV has abandoned voluntarily or for lack of suitable programs.

The "Social World Film Festival" wants to invest in the social cinema, wants to improve this aspect of the seventh art, believes in the potential of these works and wants to spread them with all the means of the third millennium.
For the huge number of the movies realized, the "Social World Film Festival” divides them in four sectors:
1) “Diversity” at the base of life: men, women, children, young people, old people, black, white, poor and disabled;
2) “Environment”: a precious and sensitive house for humans, animals and vegetables;
3) “Human Rights”: freedom, slavery, tortures, safety, death sentence;
4) “Culture and Art” as basis for the passed, present and future history.


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