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Social World Film Festival

Social World Film Festival

Social World Film Festival is a festival dedicated to social cinema which takes place every year in Vico Equense (Naples, Italy), a wonderful city on the Sorrento Coast.
The kermesse is realized by a team of young professional between 18 and 35, leaded by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo, 28 years old, for a long time regarded as the youngest Artistic Director in Italy.

The festival was honoured with many important recognitions such as the High Patronage of the Presidency of the European Parliament and three medals by the Presidency of Italian Republic, by the Presidency of Senate and the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies. Social World Film Festival organizes various activities, among which: photography contests, three different workshops, several juries composed by young people and students (200 young people from all parts of Italy and 20,000 students of the Province of Naples) and exhibitions. The Festival has been presented all over the world, in a tour in all five continents: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Berlin, Monte Carlo, Seul, Busan, Tokyo, Paris, Sydney, Istanbul, Cannes, Barcelona, Palma de Maiorca, Villafranche-sur-Mer, Tunisi, Ibiza, Jakarta, Hong Kong, New York and Rio de Janeiro.

The last edition in 2017 counted a public of about 100,000 people in 60 days of activities, with over 330 films projected (30 of which from the Official Selection and 80 in preview) and dozens of guests including the international actress Claudia cardinale, the Oscar nominated actor Giancarlo Giannini, Ornella Muti, Franco Nero, Leo Gullotta, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, the Oscar winner Luis Bacalov, Valeria Golino.

Social World film Festival can be considered not only as a film festival but also as a social and cultural gathering, an occasion for denouncement and reflection upon important themes: social cinema as an international medium of communication, an opportunity for social debate, a space for critique, development and promotion.

Dealing with social themes is evidently a need, if more and more people get interested in short films, documentaries and feature films with a social theme, many of which are independent or with a low budget. For this reason we feel bounded to promote and support works that can push us to reflection, that can allow us to stop and think in the fast and pressing routine of today’s world.
"Social World Film Festival" represents the only kermesse truly dedicated to social cinema in the broadest sense. "Social World Film Festival" also represents a strong cultural and tourist attraction, thanks to its varied and unique program of activities. Everything is designed to take advantage of and to enhance the historical, natural, architectural and landscape resources of the territory in which the Festival is realized. For these reasons, “Social World Film Festival” is more than a cinema festival. “Social World Film Festival” is an experience, a social and cultural moment where cinema meets theatre, music, sport and art.

Young people are the centre of the festival, with the realization of several annual activities dedicated to them: "Social in the Word", "Social in the School", "Social and University", "Doc to Young", the "Social World Contest" and many others. During the final nine days instead, 250 boys will be involved in the "Youth Jury" and "Teenage Jury" and into the workshops "Young Media Campus" and "Young Film Factory".

Therefore “Social World Film Festival” is a Festival from young people, addressed to young people and made by young people.
It is from young people because the kermesse is entirely organized by a team of young professionals between 18 and 35 years of age, with an average age of 25.
It is addressed to young people because give to both Italian and foreign young people several opportunities to participate, all for free.
It is made by young people, considering that the 90% of works presented are realized by young filmmakers under 35.

Many great protagonists of the national and international cinema will participate to the festival, giving the chance to young filmmakers to meet them and actively debate with them in order to have precious suggestions for their future career.


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